The ambition of Ian Motion is to take part in the green transition by turning existing vehicles into restored electric ones, offering them a real zero emission second life.


As our planet is threatened by global warming and climate change, solutions of all kind emerge to reduce human’s footprint on earth. The electric car is one of those solutions and allows for a more environmental friendly mobility around cities and further outside in the near future.
However, manufacturing a brand new car is energetically costly, the process itself emits a lot of greenhouse gases and pollutants.
Should we destroy all existing vehicles to build new electric ones?
A lot of old vehicles are sleeping in their garage and are not used by their owners, most of the time for mechanical reasons. Some of them are even scrapped but the biggest part of the vehicle is still good to go.
That’s the reason why our team, with the passion and professionalism from the automotive industry, has created Ian Motion. Its ambition is to take part in the green transition by turning existing vehicles into restored electric ones. This process avoids the destruction of the car, the manufacturing of a new one and offers a real zero emission second life to the restored vehicle.



Based on the design of a 1989 Austin Mini, our prototype has a 100% electric drivetrain in place of the old gasoline engine. This new drivetrain offers up to 150km of range.


The interior has been redesigned with the help of a stylist, a cabinetmaker and a car upholsterer. The grey fabric, the black and mat leather and the solid oak dashboard are part of the new interior.


Thermal and acoustic performances have been improved compared to the original car.


The approach we use during the transformation process aims to reduce our trash and emissions as much as possible. Above all we focus on the quality of our work and products that guarantee their durability. Within this framework we work more willingly with local companies and artisans.

First vehicles to be ordered at the end of 2017 !

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