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Complete electric drive systems

From battery to motor, we provide complete electric drive systems to help you decarbonize your products and services.

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100% Electric

Why shoud you switch to electric? And how can we help you doing so?

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Replace any commercial engine, diesel or gasoline, with our electric drivetrains and decarbonize any machine that needs mechanical power.

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Seamless integration

We, Ian Motion, can provide you with complete electric drivetrains from the battery pack to the motor do that you don't have to worry about compatibility. Plug and play.

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Unlike internal combustion engines, electric drivetrains are very reliable. Save time and money, increase your customer's satisfaction.


As full stack technology supplier, we develop our own hardware and software.


In development since several years, our batteries are made from LFP cells, synonym of robustness, high safety and long lifespan. Gravymetric and volumetric densities as well as pure performances of our battery packs are the best on the market. Contact us for more information.


At Ian Motion, we develop and sell asynchronous and excited synchronous motors. These are extremely robust and quite efficient technologies. In addition to these intrinsic characteristics, our proprietary dielectric oil cooling system brings  performance. Contact us for more information.

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Electronics is as critical as software, hence the development at Ian Motion of our own boards. From dashboard to BMS, robustness and cost efficiency guided us toward the development of electronics. Contact us for more information.


Because it's key to a safe and reliable system, we have our hands on the software whether it is in assembler langage, C, C++ or Matlab / Simulink. We develop our own software and we can develop yours. Contact us for more information.

& Services

At Ian Motion, we offer a range of products and services to help you switch to electric.


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You need a complete electric drivetrain or just a few components of it? Contact us, we'll tell you what's available.


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You have a specific project and you are looking for a company that could supply both engineering and components? Contact us and let's have a look at it together.


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You want your employees to learn the basics of batteries, electric motors, power electronics or signal electronics? Contact us, we can help to do so.

User cases

Our electric drivetrains find their place exactly where Diesel or gasoline engine did.

EV Conversion

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Portable Power

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