Electrification has only a small impact on your vehicle. You can change your mind later and go back to petrol if you want!

Yes there is. All parts in our system are guaranteed for two years.

No, not to worry. Modern lithium batteries hardly lose their charge at all when not in operation. You can leave your vehicle alone without recharging it for one year.

There are two options for recharging your vehicle:

1) You can recharge it with a domestic 220V outlet. In this case you would need an EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). This technical lingo refers to a small, additional unit that makes your vehicle’s charger compatible with a regular 220V electrical outlet.

2) Otherwise, you can recharge your vehicle at a charging station, which must be fitted with a “type 2” outlet, the most commonly used outlet these days.

Vehicles converted by Ian Motion are delivered with both types of cable.

The system installed by Ian Motion requires specific repairs that, when needed, must be carried out either by Ian Motion or by an authorized Ian Motion repair shop.
Any other repairs, as well as standard vehicle maintenance, can be carried out in any shop.

No. That’s the main advantage of electric cars as compared with those that run on petrol or Diesel. They are very low-maintenance.

There is no need for oil changes or filters, and there is no timing belt.
The tyres are what need to be changed the most regularly. And if you drive conservatively, your brake pads will need to be changed much less often than before.

A €20,000 deposit is due when the order is placed, 50% of the remaining price is due when the vehicle is picked up, and you will be asked to pay the remaining 50% when the vehicle is delivered.

All the payments listed above may be made via bank transfer.

Yes, you can cancel it up to two weeks after having ordered.

We do not yet offer financing options, but we’re working on it. We advise you to consult with your bank if you’d like to pay in instalments.

We deliver to France, the United Kingdom, and Germany at no extra cost. For other countries, additional costs may be incurred depending on distance. We will establish a customized quote if needed.

Quite simply, we’ll come pick it up at your home.

We’ll deliver it as simply as we came to pick it up: at your home.

The first vehicles will be delivered in 2019. Depending on how far up you are on our waiting list, we will be able to provide you with a more specific delivery date.

Any car insurance company can insure this type of vehicle.

You’ll have to take care of registering your vehicle by yourself, but feel free to ask us for help in the process.

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